Residential Cleaning Services

You Have Options!

One-Time or Move-Out Clean, Top to Bottom:

This includes top to bottom and inside and out; inside appliances, top to bottom kitchen and bathroom (all areas), dusting all rooms top to bottom, cleaning wall marks and window marks, cleaning the top and sides of furniture, door and trim cleaning, and deep floor cleaning.

Budget Friendly: Specified Amount of Time or Rotational Tasks

(can be routinely or one time)

Please give us a list of priorities! We will work down each time, starting with #1 on the list,  instructing us to stop when we reach the number of hours you choose. This is to stay within your budget and get as many of the most important tasks done as possible.

Another option is to choose what you want to be done on rotation, for example: the second week of the month, we will clean selected areas (of your choice), and in the fourth week, we will clean other designated areas. This can be on a weekly or monthly rotation as well.

Routine Cleaning:

We start with a deep level of cleaning (similar to the one listed above as “one-time cleaning”) to get to your baseline. Then, we visit regularly for upkeep, so you may have a freshly cleaned house regularly!

There is nothing like coming home to a clean house. With routine cleaning (or “upkeep cleaning”) you can do precisely that! Just leave it to us while you go out and play!

Vacation Home

Your online ratings can make or break you. One of the first and most important things people notice is if the home they just rented for their vacation is clean and orderly. We provide a completely different checklist for these kinds of jobs. These checklists are catered to each vacation rental, including towel and bedding arrangement, checking drawers and under furniture, emptying the fridge, refilling supplies, leaving out notes from the host, letting you know if you are low on supplies, and many other customized needs.

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