COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol

We are here for your cleaning needs always and especially during this time. We are using an EPA-Approved disinfectant for COVID-19 that is hospital-grade, botanical and non-toxic. We use this product while scrubbing away dirt in your home or business and then we spray it on every surface (soft surfaces as well) and let it sit for 10  minutes before wiping it off of hard surfaces.

Our cleaning crew is wearing masks made by a local seamstress, gloves, goggles, and shoe covers. They are social distancing at work as much as possible by mostly cleaning alone and not carpooling. They clean their equipment between every job and use clean rags and mops heads at every job (which we have always done).

We wash our rags and mop heads in hot water and disinfectant. We have also been monitoring the health of our workers. It is our goal to help keep our Asheville neighbors healthy.

Rest assured, we are the professional cleaning experts in Asheville, NC.

We are proud to use high quality Riccar HEPA vacuums

Vacuums with a HEPA [high efficiency particulate air] filter are less likely to push allergens back into the room. Also known as small-particle filters, these HEPA filters can capture more than 99.97 percent of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size and prevent them from being returned into the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. (For your reference, an inch contains about 25,000 microns.)

Here are the other products we use while we are scrubbing:

  • Bon Ami scouring powder, non-toxic and biodegradable natural powder
  • Essential Oils
  • Vinegar
  • Biodegradable Dish soap
  • Non-toxic floor cleaner/polish
  • Non-toxic degreaser
  • Non-toxic stainless steel polisher
We only use products we feel comfortable using in our own home and that are not harmful to our employees, clients or the planet. We’re proud to be green cleaning in Asheville NC!