Residential Deep Cleaning Done Right Asheville NC

Residential Deep Cleaning Done Right Asheville NC

Cleanliness is a top priority for most coming into 2021. Asheville Cleaning Company is a team of professional residential deep cleaning experts that know how important it is to use the right products and tools. That is why we use an EPA-Certified disinfectant that is hospital-grade, botanical, and non-toxic. 

Residential Deep Cleaning Done Right, Naturally

We also use high-quality Riccar HEPA vacuums. Now, you may be asking, what does that all mean? HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and is talking about the type of filter used. These filters can trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns. This size micron is crucial to pay attention to as it is considered the most penetrating particle size by scientists, also known as the MPPS. This size of particles is much more invasive than small or large particles. So don’t get trapped when a filter claims to capture 99.9 percent of small or large particles; that isn’t necessarily the best for your health. P.S. To give some perspective, an inch contains about 25,000 microns.

But we don’t just stop there; we only use products that we would use in our own home, including–

  • Bon Ami scouring powder
  • Essential Oils
  • Biodegradable Dish Soap
  • Non-toxic degreaser
  • Non-toxic stainless-steel polisher
  • Non-toxic floor cleaner
  • Reusable Bottles
  • Reusable Rags
  • Reusable Mop Covers

Cleaning Experts of Western NC

We value positive communication, honesty, accountability, and integrity most. We have been serving the western North Carolina region since 2012 and care deeply about our community and their health. Everyone knows the saying, health equals wealth, and we know by using eco-friendly products and techniques that we are contributing to the prosperity of our city. 

We are experts in residential and commercial cleaning with an extensive array of services. Asheville Cleaning Company is always prepared and trained to handle whatever comes our way. Cleaning is our passion, and that responsibility is not taken lightly. 

Let the professionals at Asheville Cleaning Company use their knowledge and skills to keep Asheville beautiful, clean, and healthy. No job is too small or too big; we customize the plan to fit your exact needs, so give us a call or shoot us a text at (828) 771-6320. Or simply reach out by completing our request form with any and all questions.