Allergies!!! A fresh cleaning could help….

Allergies this Spring have been brutal for many. A fresh cleaning could help control the allergens in your home. We can’t control the pollen count outside but a regular cleaning of the built up dust, pet dander, mold (!!) and pollen that has made it’s way in could really help. Our vacuums have HEPA filters and powerful suction.

Many homes contain allergens on their floors, furniture and other surfaces and dust is the #1 trigger for allergy symptoms and asthma. Regular vacuuming helps keep dust mites at bay! But it must be with a HEPA vacuum so that small particles are trapped in the vacuum and not the air you breath. Here are some other tips:

1. Wash your linens once a week.
2. Use chemical free cleaning products only.
3. Bathe your pet once a week and keep your cat boxes clean.
4. Mold spores float in the air like pollen. Try to keep your home from becoming and environment mold thrives in. Running fans and AC helps. Running the fan in the bathroom especially. Clean away any mold you see in your shower or on tile. Run a dehumidifier in your basement and clean the walls down there if you can.
5. Keep your windows closed when the pollen count is high.

We are here to help!

Allergies in your home are no fun.