Does using non-toxic cleaning solutions really make a difference?

When you go to the store, be it Target or your local grocery store, you will likely see row after row of single-use bottles and cleaning products inside that are not exactly healthy to breathe in. Why are these products sold and used so often? Because it makes it easy on the consumer when cleaning their home (instead of non-toxic which takes a little more elbow grease) to spray something on, let it do the work and just wipe away.

If you ask anyone who has switched over from using toxic materials to using materials like vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, homemade all-purpose solutions, etc. they will tell you they felt a lot better during and after cleaning. These toxic cleaning solutions are not only harmful to your body but they go down the drain and into the soil. Your pets also inhale them at no fault of their own.

Our cleaners, who clean several homes and businesses per week, would be miserable if we used toxic products. So, while they make the cleaning job easier and faster, it is just not worth it.

In addition, if we did not use re-usable bottles, it is hard to fathom how how many bottles would have had to be tossed away by now!! We re-use our rags and mop covers and sanitize them after each use and then re-circulate them. Our all-purpose cleaner is made from completely natural materials (that we get from a local small business).

It is great to see that most cleaning companies have switched over to green practices and non-toxic supplies. I encourage anyone to do the same in the products the use in their homes. It will make a huge difference to your health and well-being.