Asheville HGTV Urban Oasis Home Cleaning!

Asheville HGTV Urban Oasis Home

Ever So Carefully!

We were lucky enough to be asked to clean this Asheville HGTV Urban Oasis home after construction was finished and then in between shooting. We completed the post construction cleaning and returned for our first pre-shoot cleaning after the decorators came in and worked their magic. What an amazing place! What made this job so unique, aside from the jaw-dropping decor, was not being able to move a single item out of place. The house was what they called a “hot set”, which means it’s ready for shooting. So as we cleaned, scrubbed and removed dust, we were ever-so-careful not to move anything, even an inch.

We were successful! They’ve called us back numerous times and are excited to watch the home featured on HGTV on August 10th.