Winter Home Cleaning Tips

Winter just started here in the Asheville area, but we have already experienced a significant snowfall event in the French Broad River Valley. A white Christmas was experienced by residents throughout western North Carolina, not just those who live in the high elevations in Haywood County and along the Tennessee border.  Continue reading

Is Professional Cleaning Worth the Cost?

The past year was challenging for many residents of western North Carolina. Throughout the area, people had to figure out how to work remotely while also facilitating learning from home with their children. Meanwhile, many businesses were closed, and indoor gatherings discouraged. Even if you have managed to remain totally healthy, there is no doubt you experience disruptions from normal life. Many of those disruptions have probably led to you and your family spending more time at home than ever. Asheville is known for access to natural wonders in the great outdoors. We are not typically people who spend a lot of time inside. Continue reading

4 Tips on Post Construction Cleaning

Whether you plan to remodel a retail space, build a new home, or build a commercial property, hiring a professional cleaning company that can handle the post-construction cleaning is going to simplify your life tremendously. No matter the size of the project, Asheville Cleaning Company can tackle any cleaning job that results in a professional final cleanup while helping with the fine detailing of post-construction cleaning to ensure you get the most out of your new place. For the construction to be completely over, there should be no more additional work to do before the final turn-over of the key. 

If you are going to attempt this daunting task alone, here are 4 tips on post-construction cleaning.  Continue reading

6 Reasons You Should Declutter Before The Holidays

Let face it, everyone has been through a period of collecting things over time that become clutter. If your house is feeling claustrophobic from things piling up, it may be time to go through your things and get rid of any unnecessary items. When holidays are approaching, that means family and friends are coming to gather. You want your house to look at its best if you plan on hosting a holiday party or inviting family over for dinner. Decluttering your home before the holidays will ease the stress and anxiety so you can focus more on getting ready for the holidays.  Continue reading

We are proud to use high quality Riccar HEPA vacuums

Craving a clean home or office? You’re not alone. When Asheville Cleaning Company comes to clean your home or office, we use these vacuums not only because they can zip around your home fast and have great suction power but also because they improve your indoor air quality while deep cleaning your carpeted and hard-surface floors.

Vacuums with a HEPA [high efficiency particulate air] filter are less likely to push allergens back into the room. Also known as small-particle filters, these HEPA filters can capture more than 99.97 percent of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size and prevent them from being returned into the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. (For your reference, an inch contains about 25,000 microns.)

Contact Us Today to setup an appointment for a cleaner home, vacation home, or office.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: Top 17 Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: Top 17 Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Have you recently finished construction on your house or retail building? If so, it’s time for post-construction cleaning. After construction, post-construction cleaning is critical for making sure that the building is safe, clean, and ready for tenants. However, cleaning can be tedious and tricky. Here is a checklist that explains everything you need to know to complete a post-construction cleanup job. Continue reading

How Much Does a Post Construction Clean Cost?

How Much Does a Post Construction Clean Cost?

Building or remodeling a new home or business can be exciting, but unfortunately, construction can leave settlements of dust and debris that can be difficult to clean up. You can clean this yourself but it requires specific equipment and labor, leaving you exhausted and not able to sit back and enjoy your finished project. 

Most people choose to hire a post-construction cleaning service to take care of the job and the price varies depending on the size and scale of the project. Keep reading to find out how much you should budget.  Continue reading

Cleaning Tips for Autumn

Everyone has heard the notorious “spring cleaning,” which is a yearly tradition for residents and homeowners alike to become motivated when tackling cleaning projects, they have been procrastinating on. Well, there is another cleaning season that should be included to help ease you into cleaning your home regularly. Fall cleaning is essential whether you take on the job by yourself, or bring a professional house cleaning company, it allows you to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. It’s time to bring out your cleaners and dust off your broom because here are 6 fall cleaning tips that teach you how to give your home a deep clean. Continue reading

Show Your Support for National Home Cleaner Day

Asheville, a bright and beautiful city, rests in the Blue Ridge Mountains of west-central North Carolina. With the mild climate and uneven plateau, Asheville holds many iconic outdoor features for residents and travelers to explore. Want to enjoy a vast house and gardens at the Biltmore house? Or venture through trails in the wilderness. Asheville offers a diversified hub of culture, resort, and a place that is filled with rich ecosystems.

Millions of people visit Asheville, and many choose to stay. It’s important that this dream destination can shine by keeping Asheville clean within your homes. If you clean homes yourself or hire a professional, mark your calendars for September 17th. Continue reading

Hiring a House Cleaner in Asheville

This year has been one of the strangest in recent memory. No new or longtime resident of Asheville expected to spend so much time inside their homes, unable to explore western North Carolina. Nevertheless, our area has made a concerted effort to ensure our neighbors and community would be as healthy as possible. We never stopped caring for each other and have been able to do our part to reduce the effects of the pandemic in our area. 

One of the consequences of spending so much time in our houses, however, is the realization for many of just how easy it is to fall behind on cleaning. Your typical daily routine may keep you distracted from messes, but if you are still working or doing school remotely, now the mess distracts you from your job and education. Furthermore, with your family spending more time at home, the messiness is piling up even faster. 

It probably feels like cleaning is occupying all of your free time and you still can barely keep up. If you are thinking about hiring a cleaning service for your home, we want to help you navigate that process. 

What You Need to Know About Hiring a House Cleaner 

Should You Hire a Company or Individual?

You may have a friend or family member that cleans homes that would be perfect for your situation. However, you will likely have to work around their schedule which may be particularly challenging in this era of being home more. One of the advantages of hiring a company like Asheville Cleaning Company is that we have employees to schedule in accordance with your needs. Additionally, we already have a process for vetting each potential employee including checking several references and taking them along with management to jobs before ever going out alone. You can trust our team. 

What Services Do You Need?

There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all for residential cleaning. You may find you need just a one-time deep cleaning to catch back up after the pandemic-related stay-at-home orders, or you may want to establish a routine. We offer both one-time cleanings and scheduled visits. Some homeowners and Asheville residents need us once a week, while others may space it as far as once every four weeks. We work with you to help determine the cleaning routine that is best for you and your family. 

Look for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Asheville and Hendersonville are synonymous with love for nature and the outdoors. That is why area residents want to ensure that they are taking care of the environment. When you are searching for a cleaning company, it will be vital to find one that shares your environmentally friendly values. 

Asheville Cleaning Company is committed to using safe, green cleaning products such as:

  • Botanical EPA-certified disinfectant (right off the EPA list for COVID-19 disinfectants)  
  • Bon Ami scouring powder, non-toxic and biodegradable natural powder
  • Essential Oils
  • Vinegar
  • Biodegradable Dish soap
  • Non-toxic floor cleaner/polish
  • Non-toxic degreaser
  • Non-toxic stainless-steel polisher

We only use in your home what we are comfortable using in our own houses. We want to make sure we leave the right kind of legacy of caring for the world around us. 

The Asheville Cleaning Company team recognizes that there has never been a time like this. We all have faced challenges we never imagined. There has also never been as much attention on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation in our homes. We are taking steps to ensure that we limit the spread of germs. We are using an EPA-Approved disinfectant for COVID-19 that is hospital-grade, botanical, and non-toxic. Our team members are wearing masks, gloves and shoe covers. They are social distancing at work as much as possible by mostly cleaning alone and not carpooling. They clean their equipment between every job and use clean rags and mops heads at every job (which we have always done).

If you are ready to choose a cleaning company for your Asheville house, vacation home, or business, Asheville Cleaning Company is here to help. Contact us for more information about our high quality residential and commercial cleaning services in western North Carolina.