What is Green Cleaning?

routine house cleaningWhat is Green Cleaning?

Many of us strive to be sustainable in all areas of our lives, but a commonly overlooked area is the cleaning products that we use in our home every day. Some of the most popular cleaning products on the market are not doing our health any favors and certainly not benefiting the environment. Another part of green cleaning is cleaning your home with reduced waste and energy. 

What is Green Cleaning?

When a cleaning product is advertised as green, that could mean a multitude of different things. 

  1. The product is advertised as biodegradable.
  2. The ingredients have been grown organically or produced using sustainable farming practices.
  3. The product is fair trade. This means that the product comes from a place that provides fair wages and safe working conditions.
  4. The packaging on the product is recycled.
  5. A portion of their profits is donated to environmental causes.

Clean Water is a Crucial Part of Cleaning

Even though water may seem like an abundant resource, over 96% of the water on Earth is saltwater in the oceans. Freshwater is needed for many of our daily tasks. Here are some tips for reducing your water consumption.


  1. Make sure your dishwasher and washer are full. Full loads use the same amount of water and energy as a less full load.
  2. Upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient appliances from older models. 
  3. Make sure to turn off the tap when not in use.
  4. Skip the rinse! It may be a habit to pre-rinse your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher but scrape the leftover food straight into the trash instead.

Save Energy, Save the Planet

Over the years, appliances have increased efficiency exponentially. A washing machine in 2017 used 70% less energy than in 1990, while a dishwasher in 2017 used 40% less energy than in 1990. But we should all do our part to help save energy with these tips.

  1. Consider line drying your clothes versus machine drying. Also, air-dry your dishes instead of using heated dry.
  2. Clean your lint trap every time. A well-maintained dryer will always work more efficiently and because a clogged lint trap will increase drying time and increase energy use. 
  3. Avoid ironing clothes by hanging them up immediately after the dryer finishes.
  4. Don’t always choose the hottest water. Follow the care instructions on your clothes to select the correct water temperature. A lower water temperature can actually preserve your clothes and preserve energy. 

Sustainable Cleaning 

To be sustainable means to optimize the use of our planet’s resources throughout all of the stages of making the cleaning products. There are many small changes that can make a huge difference for our planet. Look at some tips below. 

  1. Use a microfiber towel instead of one-use paper towels to clean.
  2. Use products that come in recycled packaging. 
  3. Try out a refill store. This is trending upwards as a great way to reduce waste. Purchase glass bottles and concentrates on replacing all of your cleaning products. This system is more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a bunch of clunky mismatched products. 
  4. Recycle any empty cleaning product bottles. Make sure to check the label to ensure it is recycled properly. 

Be Aware of Misleading Labels

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, issued out a warning to be careful when choosing products that state vague or generic claims on their labels, such as “eco-safe,” “environmentally friendly,” and “green.” The EPA used Design for the Environment labels to let consumers know that that product met the program’s rigorous requirements and high standards. 

Now, that program has transformed into the Safer Choice program. It’s the same program, just a new label to look out for and helps consumers identify products with safer chemical ingredients but can still thoroughly clean and disinfect like the other toxic ingredients. There is even a version of the label that indicates that the product is fragrance-free. 

Asheville Cleaning Company’s Green Promise 

Residents and visitors of Asheville alike can all agree about how beautiful our city and surrounding areas are. We love and cherish the wild, gorgeous nature that we get to enjoy every day. Our promise to our community and clients is to ensure responsible home and business cleaning solutions for properties throughout our region. We only use products that we would use in our own homes and are not harmful to our employees, clients, or the planet. Contact us to hear more about our green cleaning products and techniques.