How to Control Indoor Pet Allergens

It is one of the best times of the year in the Asheville area. Spring is here and with it an array of beautiful colors and smells. We have enjoyed a few rounds of snow showers this winter, not it is time to get outside and enjoy mild temperatures and incredible views.

Your pets are likely loving the season as well. Rather than making quick trips outside while braving the chill, they are able to run and play. Your dog may sprint full speed into a field of wildflowers, while your cat may lounge in the sun of a flower bed.

Pet ownership has a number of benefits including companionship, emotional support, and increased physical activity for the owner. There are also some disadvantages and dealing with shedding is perhaps one of the most frustrating problems pet owners face. From the pollen attached to their fur to pet dander, the presence of your beloved fur baby may be giving you the sniffles.

The Truth About Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are common, and the resulting symptoms range from mild to life-threatening. Many people who have pet allergies incorrectly assume that they are allergic to the hair of animals. In reality, pet dander and saliva are the culprits and hair just serves as the vehicle for these allergens.

Pet Dander

Dander (aka dead skin cells) is constantly being shed by many pets, such as cats, dogs, and rodents. Even pets classified as “hypoallergenic” shed dander. Dander easily clings to furniture, walls, carpet, clothes and household surfaces. It can even get into your air vents, causing it to spread throughout your home.

Reducing Pet Allergens

There are several ways to reduce the amount of dander and other common pet allergens in your home. Those who suffer from pet-related allergies can reduce their symptoms and live happily alongside their furry friends.

  1. Clean Clean Clean

Consistent cleaning of furniture, carpets, curtains, and other household surfaces is a must. If you allow your pet to be on your couch or bed, you will need to regularly launder pillow covers and bedding. While regular vacuuming and cleaning is a start, steam cleaning your carpets every few months is necessary to remove all of the embedded pet dander.

  1. Washable Pet Bed

When you are buying a pet bed, be sure to purchase one that can be thrown in the washing machine or, at the very least, has a removable and washable cover. Even though it might be tempting because the price tag is less, do not purchase a bed that is labeled, “spot clean only.”

  1. Pet Grooming

Regularly bathing your pet will send allergens down the drain instead of throughout your home. Make sure you are using shampoo that is safe for your pet (for example, don’t use dog shampoo on your cat). In addition to bathing, pets should be brushed at least weekly (or more often if your pet is prone to tangles and matting).

  1. HEPA filters

Using a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter in your A/C unit can be an effective method for eliminating pet dander, as these types of filters function in such a way that they are able to clear the air of smaller particles. Vacuums with HEPA filters are also available.

Professional Home Cleaning Services

While there are steps you can take to reduce the pet allergens in your home, it is helpful to partner with a professional to get rid of pet hair and stubborn pet dander. Asheville Cleaning Company can help you take control of pet allergens, reducing the allergy symptoms of your family or visitors, and making your home a more comfortable place. If you want to beat the sniffles, contact Asheville Cleaning Company today.