Stress Relief, Right Now

This is a time when we need as much stress relief as possible. The constant negativity from the news and not knowing what is going to happen with schools and families far away wears on us. Too much going on, not enough relief. It can be suffocating. 
At Asheville Cleaning Company one thing that we value as colleagues is helping each other with work loads and positive language. It is vital now more than ever to look out for each other when so many are lacking a close community. 
Being kind to each other leaves us with a warm feeling inside. We should show that kindness to ourselves as well.
This can take many forms. Sometimes a daily break with a warm cup of tea, soothing music and meditation. Exercise and walking in the sunshine helps your body rid itself of the stress hormones we are building up in our bodies. Allowing the stress to fester can do damage over time and daily walks have shown to help fight depression. 
At Asheville Cleaning Company we are happy that we can be part of another way to ease stress. Having a clean space not only allows yourself one less thing to do but being in a space that feels comfortable and not like a burden does wonders on our outlook. 
Whether you take some quiet time for yourself, increase your exercise or hire professional cleaners (or all of the above!) now is an important time to allow yourself some ease of burdens and let a little more joy in!