Sanitizing Your Business

We can help! This has been such a challenging time for so many of us, trying to get used to this new sense of “normal”

…and looking forward to a glimpse of the way things used to be. We certainly are at Asheville Cleaning Company!

One thing we are doing right now is being a part of helping people have a sanitized environment. There are a few “essential” businesses/commercial businesses around Asheville that we are sanitizing regularly and a few “non-essential” businesses that need a clean while they are closed and want to be ready when it is time to re-open! 

At Asheville Cleaning Company, we all find this to be incredibly important and adds additional elements of skill and care to each job we go to. Our cleaners have been re-trained on our new cleaning method and they take it very seriously. They have each agreed, in writing, to follow through with this method.

Here are some steps we have taken:
1) Wearing shoe covers and gloves 2)Sanitizing surfaces with vinegar and door knobs- and the door knob again, upon exiting 3) Sanitizing equipment first thing in the morning, throughout the day-in between jobs-and at the end of the day 4) Double washing all cleaning rags with additional vinegar.

Safety for our employees and customers is our top priority!

If you have questions about out methods or your need some sanitizing in your life-without the use of toxic chemicals, contact us!