Eleven Routines for a Cleaner Home

Do you get overwhelmed by the daunting task of cleaning your home? Do the mounds of laundry cause you to dread stepping foot in your laundry room? Do you find yourself procrastinating on simple cleaning tasks? What if we told you there are some secrets to keeping your home clean?

There are a handful of routine tasks you can do to keep your home looking clean. By doing these small tasks regularly, you can reduce the amount of time needed to clean your home. Below are eleven routines to help you accomplish a more sparkling home without stealing your entire day.

Eleven Routines for a Cleaner Home

1. Wipe Common Use Surfaces Daily

Think about the surface areas you use daily, like your bathroom sink, kitchen counters, table, and kitchen sink, to name a few. A great routine to get in the habit of is every time you use one of those areas, wipe it down to reduce dust, dirt, and grime build-up.

Even though you might not give the most frequently touched objects, such as light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, toilet flushers, sink faucets, and refrigerator handles, much thought, everyone in your house touches them every day. Make a habit of wiping those surface areas down daily to reduce overall cleaning time.

2. Clean As You Cook

Kitchens can be the messiest room in the house, and the mess will just continue to grow if you don’t stay on top of it. However, if you clean as you cook, that kitchen mess won’t grow, and you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed.

As you are cooking, put all your ingredients back where they belong as soon as you finish with them. It is also helpful to wash your prepping bowls, cutting boards, and utensils as you go (or put them in the dishwasher). This will allow you to have a clutter-free counter and less mess to clean up after your meal.

3. Laundry on a Schedule

It is so easy to forget about the laundry and just let it pile up until it is so overwhelming it takes days to get caught up. If you wash small loads more frequently, the task is not so daunting.

Washing more frequently also reduces the chances of bacteria growth and mildew smell in your home. Schedule washing a small load of laundry daily or every other day, depending on the number of people in your home, to help keep your home clean.

4. Wash Your Sheets Weekly

There is nothing more satisfying than getting in your bed at night with a fresh, clean pair of sheets. Schedule a day each week to wash your sheets to cut down on the accumulation of dead skin cells and dust mites. Not only does a weekly washing help reduce the hidden uncleanliness, but it also helps your room smell fresh and clean.

5. Implement a Dishwasher Schedule

If you implement the “load as you go” routine in your home, you will never see another dish in the sink. Simply load dishes as you use them throughout the day. Run the dishwasher every night, even if the dishwasher is not full, then unload the dishwasher every morning, so it is ready to be loaded once again throughout the day.

Not only does this dishwasher “load as you go” routine keep dishes from piling up in your sink, but it also keeps bacteria from growing in your sink.

6. Create a Cleaning Schedule

The majority of our lives run on a schedule. Why shouldn’t taking care of our home be any different? Creating a schedule helps things not get forgotten and not become overwhelming. Below are a few ideas to schedule:

  • Laundry
  • Wash bedding
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors
  • Dust
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Load/unload the dishwasher
  • Baseboards and window sills

7. Keep Cleaning Supplies Conveniently Located

You will be more likely to implement routines if you have easy access to cleaning supplies. If you have multiple levels, make sure all necessary supplies are on each level. Each level should have a broom and dustpan, duster, and garbage bags, and each bathroom should have its own toilet brush, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and paper towels.

8. Clean Out and Donate Quarterly

It is good practice to sort through your belongings every quarter to avoid clutter in your home. Donate anything that is in good shape to a charity and throw out things not worth saving or donating.

9. Have a Place for Everything and Put Things Where They Belong!

It is easy to clutter a home when everything does not have a place. Make sure everyone knows where to put their belongings, such as keys, shoes, jackets, book bags, etc. Baskets and hooks are great organizational tools for these belongings. Baskets and wall-mounted organizers are great for keeping mail neatly tucked away.

You’ll notice how much nicer your home looks once everyone gets in the habit of putting things in their proper places.

10. Make Your Bed Every Day

Making your bed first thing in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment from the start of the day. A well-made bed also helps a room look clean and tidy, which in turn helps your house look neat and clean.

11. Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Jump start your cleaning by hiring a professional cleaning company. Once you have a clean slate to work from, it is much easier to set the routines in place. If you aren’t sure if a professional cleaning company is right for you, check out this article, 10 Reasons to Schedule a Regular Cleaning Service.

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