What is in a Deep Home Cleaning?!

What can Asheville Cleaning Company do for your home when it has not been cleaned by professional cleaners in a while and you are due or wayyyyy over-due for a deep clean? First, know we can handle it. Everyone at Asheville Cleaning Company has been trained for almost all messes and we have seen a lot of them. We start high and get rid of cob webs and high dust that is lingering up there and as we move lower and get those pesky wall marks and window smudges. We get into the cracks and crevices where dirt has been collecting as you walk by; corners, thresholds and that weird areas of wall under your cabinets that meets the floor. (It is crazy how much this removal of hidden dirt helps the smell of your home, especially in those older Asheville homes!). We clean the baseboards (sometimes making them look freshly painted!) and we sanitize high traffic areas. We will clean under rugs and under cushions and we will use a delicious essential oil that will linger (in a lovely way) and refresh you upon walking in the door!
Our team here at Asheville Cleaning Company can really make that large of a difference while performing a deep home cleaning for you! Spring is a great time to have a deep clean in your home as well as a deep cleaning in the beginning of winter-when you are about to close up your windows for a while!