Does using non-toxic cleaning solutions really make a difference?

When you go to the store, be it Target or your local grocery store, you will likely see row after row of single-use bottles and cleaning products inside that are not exactly healthy to breathe in. Why are these products sold and used so often? Because it makes it easy on the consumer when cleaning their home (instead of non-toxic which takes a little more elbow grease) to spray something on, let it do the work and just wipe away.

If you ask anyone who has switched over from using toxic materials to using materials like vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, homemade all-purpose solutions, etc. they will tell you they felt a lot better during and after cleaning. These toxic cleaning solutions are not only harmful to your body but they go down the drain and into the soil. Your pets also inhale them at no fault of their own.

Our cleaners, who clean several homes and businesses per week, would be miserable if we used toxic products. So, while they make the cleaning job easier and faster, it is just not worth it.

In addition, if we did not use re-usable bottles, it is hard to fathom how how many bottles would have had to be tossed away by now!! We re-use our rags and mop covers and sanitize them after each use and then re-circulate them. Our all-purpose cleaner is made from completely natural materials (that we get from a local small business).

It is great to see that most cleaning companies have switched over to green practices and non-toxic supplies. I encourage anyone to do the same in the products the use in their homes. It will make a huge difference to your health and well-being.

Allergies!!! A fresh cleaning could help….

Allergies this Spring have been brutal for many. A fresh cleaning could help control the allergens in your home. We can’t control the pollen count outside but a regular cleaning of the built up dust, pet dander, mold (!!) and pollen that has made it’s way in could really help. Our vacuums have HEPA filters and powerful suction.

Many homes contain allergens on their floors, furniture and other surfaces and dust is the #1 trigger for allergy symptoms and asthma. Regular vacuuming helps keep dust mites at bay! But it must be with a HEPA vacuum so that small particles are trapped in the vacuum and not the air you breath. Here are some other tips:

1. Wash your linens once a week.
2. Use chemical free cleaning products only.
3. Bathe your pet once a week and keep your cat boxes clean.
4. Mold spores float in the air like pollen. Try to keep your home from becoming and environment mold thrives in. Running fans and AC helps. Running the fan in the bathroom especially. Clean away any mold you see in your shower or on tile. Run a dehumidifier in your basement and clean the walls down there if you can.
5. Keep your windows closed when the pollen count is high.

We are here to help!

Allergies in your home are no fun.

Book your holiday cleaning appointment!

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The holidays are an exciting time and there is always so much to do!  Sometimes, the general upkeep of our homes falls to the wayside.  Oftentimes, we host family and friends for the holidays and put cleaning on our list, only to scramble last minute to get it all done. We are here to help you get your home in tip top shape! We use all natural products and essential oils so your home won’t smell like cleaning chemicals-only the delicious food you are making!

Take some of the stress of the holiday out of your life.

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Happy Holidays from Asheville Cleaning Company!

-We are a local, green, living wage small business here to make your life easier.

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ACC’s cleaning tip of the day!

We here at Asheville Cleaning Company would like to share some tricks of the trade that we’ve learned over the years.

Here’s a tip:

Don’t throw those old toothbrushes away!  Use them to clean hard to reach spots like around sinks, in grout, even on mucky baseboards and window ledges.

-From your friends at Asheville Cleaning Company

Cleaning After Kids and Dogs in Asheville

Asheville Cleaning Kids & Dogs

I will admit, my four year old brings some pretty gross stuff, colors on the walls and leaves piles of sand on the floor from his shoes when he’s been in the sand box. However, from cleaning houses, we have learned that these furry creatures we love are one of the main reasons our clients call us. It’s the hair! And maybe the mud tracks on the floor and the general dog smell… but mainly the hair. How we combat the dog hair:
1. We use Miele vacuums (well-made tough machines!) with such strong suction and beater-bar technology that it lifts your pet’s hair right off any surfaces, out of crevices and from under low pieces of furniture.
2. We use our amazing Miele upholstery attachment so you don’t get dog hair all over your clothes each time you sit down on the sofa.
3. We use our DoTerra oil blends to fill the air with calm and clean scents, instead of dirty-dog smell.

Featured pups: Mae, our family doggie, and Satchmo (A.K.A. The Giant), her pal.